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Wendi Cohen

Wendi Cohen brings over a decade of experience to the field of meditation, mindfulness, and wellness. She has been a dynamic and instrumental force helping people from all over the world as a teacher, integrative lifestyle practitioner, and producer. She is highly regarded for her years at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, where she managed and facilitated their signature program, Perfect Health. Working with Dr. Deepak Chopra and being involved with cutting edge research in meditation and Ayurveda there, Wendi has been up close and personal with the brightest minds in the wellness industry. Now working with Lee Harris Energy, she is the Director of Studio Operations and a producer who uses her creative prowess, intuition and vision to support transformational work with heart and integrity.


Since 2010, Wendi has been a Chopra Center certified educator in the areas of Primordial Sound Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle and has served as one of their coaches. She is also a board certified Integrative NLP Practitioner and trained in Authentic Communication. Her teaching and production style and approach is both practical and creative, dynamic and light hearted. With a contagious joy, all that she offers is with the intention of healthy change. Through increased self awareness, mindfulness practices, and daily rituals, she is able to guide her clients to feeling more aligned and empowered in their lives. 


What makes her special in this field, is that she found meditation and mindfulness on her own path to healing after being diagnosed with a rare and chronic illness in 2003. Her insatiable curiosity and ability to think outside of the box led her to looking at integrative approaches. That is when she had profound shifts in her health and also fell in love with meditation. As a result of her journey, Wendi has a deep capacity to understand the many challenges people face when looking at healing and transformation. 


Being of service is when Wendi is the happiest, whether it is mentoring, teaching, being philanthropic, and especially as a mom. Helping people feel more peaceful, clear, and grounded, experiencing more love and inspiration in their lives is what brings her so much fulfillment and gratitude. Her mantra is "follow the fun" and that is EXACTLY what she hopes to inspire in others.

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