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Social Media Manager & Production Assistant


On a mission to empower each soul's unique journey, Natalya practices astrology, chakra system, and tarot readings to support transformative healing of the mind, body, spirit.  In addition to her work with Wholehuman Collective, provides numerouos services for The Chakra Shack, a metaphysical shop in Laguna Beach.  Her roles include Social Media management, Astrology Readings, Aura Photography readings, marketing and live event assistance.


Leading with her passion and determination, Natalya uses social media as an interface to the stream of collective consciousness. Sharing insights and helping connect the world through conscious media. 


 She specializes in chakra analysis, working with Spirit Guides, and Crystal healing, channeling her past life skills to support her clients. She works as an Intuitive Reader and Astrologer at Romani Holistic in Newport Beach, available Fridays and Sundays from 10:30-6 pm.


" The universe made each person so it could experience love in every form imaginable "

                                                                                            - Natalya


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