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Lela Vandavier



Lela Vandavier

"A long and winding road" would be the best description of a career history that has resulted in over 25 years of combined experience in public relations, marketing, communications, live event production and project management, within the sectors of motor sports, entertainment, technology, non-profit fundraising, construction administration and accounting services.

After graduating from Indiana University, Lela traveled the US as a PR Rep for Winston Motor Sports, publicizing events for the NHRA & NASCAR series.  She then transitioned to the entertainment industry as a music publicist and post production studio manager in Los Angeles. 

Her career path took another turn in Silicon Valley as the EA to four VP’s of a leading content producer, during the height of the dot com market in the late 90’s.  She gained valuable experience while managing cross functional strategies between marketing, communications, business development and production of corporate retreats and product launch events.

The collapse of the tech market in 2001, inspired a relocation to Santa Barbara, where she spent several years organizing large fund-raising events for local non-profit organizations.

The economic crash of 2008 led to another career shift, resulting in the creation of her own consulting firm.  Thirty Six Nine, Inc. has offered project management and accounting services to a wide variety of design & build companies, including real estate developers, architects, general contractors, structural engineers, landscape and interior designers throughout the Southern California area.


Wholehuman Collective is a passion project, inspired by a personal dedication to spiritual development, the understanding of esoteric knowledge as an empowerment tool, and belief in the efficacy of alternative healing practices for mind, body and soul integration.

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