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Lori has been in therapeutic practice since 2001, offering support and guidance in cellular trauma. recoding and embodiment, through digital courses and on-line containers, all-inclusive destination retreats, New and Full Moon gatherings, energy and shadow work, Astrology & Akashic Records Readings, The Wild Heart Ones Circle Membership, sacred childbirth mentoring and destroying the programmed culture of fear.


As an Intuitive Channel, Astrology Alchemist, Meditation Guide, Ritual Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Healing Artist, Digital Course Creator, Pelvic Floor Therapist and Educator, she moves people into our inherent truth that we all came here with.  She lives in and works with our elemental nature, the astral support system, body consciousness, cellular wisdom, knowledge and the Divinity within, that is your birthright.


You can find her under the magic of the sun and moon, living in and with nature, riding waves of the ocean or the peace of lakes, working on her land and learning from her special needs, animal sidekick, every single day.


As the host of the soul-hitting podcast, The Raw and Wild Hearts, her enthusiasm for your potential is palpable.  Her deliverance of meditation and cosmic guidance offers access points to the evolutionary and creative expansion we were sent here to embody.  Her playful energy will reignite your inner child. Her passion for your multidimensional potential is unstoppable!

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