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A Bioenergetic Wellness Event

July 27th & 28th

Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club
1210 4th Street

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla

Discover biofield science and energetic healing modalities that empower you to optimize the integration of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health!


Dive into a weekend of lectures, workshops, meditation ceremonies, immersive sound healing activations, vibration beds, aura readings, vegan cuisine, live DJ and more.


Join us for this exploration into quantum healing, cymatics, psychoneuroimmunology, biofield tuning, sound therapy, music medicine, consciousness expansion, biohacking technologies, functional wellness, epigenetics, chakra alignment, DNA activation, PEMF systems, Scalar technologies, EE Systems, and EMF protection.



A New Healing Paradigm:  Integrating Biofield Science and Energy Consciousness

The Sonic Anatomy:  Harnessing the Power of Sound, Frequency and Vibration

Bridging Boundaries:  Exploring the Intersection of AI and Human Biology

EMF Awareness:  Strategies For Protection & Wellness in a Wireless World


Over 25 local wellness centers participating, with medical doctors, naturopaths, biomedical manufacturers, Tesla science and Rife researchers, sound healers, nutritionists, biohackers, authors, musicians, artists, and conscious media content creators.


Door prize giveaway, over $1,000 value of wellness center services and virtual workshops!  2 lucky winners will be announced, on-stage, each day.

Michelle Anderson
Michelle Anderson

Co-Host of the top rated KXFM show, Awakening Code Radio, co-producer/MC for Disclosurefest Foundation, Conscious Life Expo, PortalToAscension, and SunFireFest.

Temple Hayes
Reverend Temple Hayes

Ordained Minister - Unity Church

Global Spiritual Leader

Author & Human Rights Activist

Guest Speaker Line Up Posting Soon!

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